Meet Our Team

Te Manawa ō Pāpāmoa School

Shane Cunliffe - Tumuaki / Principal

Ngā mihi nui kia kotou katoa

Ko Kōpukairoa te maunga

Ko Tauranga te moana

Ko Kaituna te awa

No Pāpāmoa ahau

Ko Cunliffe tōku whānau

Ko Brent tōku matua

Ko Christine tōku whaea

Ko Belinda tōku wahine

Ko Poppy rāua, Ko Archie āku tamariki

Ko Shane Cunliffe tōku ingoa

He Tumuaki ahau i te kura ko Te Manawa ō Pāpāmoa

No reira tena kotou, tena kotou, tena kotou katoa.

I am absolutely privileged and honoured to be part of the Foundation team here at Te Manawa ō Pāpāmoa School where we have the unique opportunity to create a responsive, yet organic hub in our community based on the strongest social construct that we have - whānau!!

I am local boy who grew up in Pāpāmoa, love the outdoors, being active, good coffee, and have a deep affiliation and vested interest with our tangata, our whenua, our hapori and obviously our tamariki.

My wife, Belinda and children, Poppy and Archie are super excited about the new kura and have been a great support and sounding board in the journey so far.

I am innately passionate about collaboratively designing and developing a kura where the team, environment, culture, curriculum and deep connection is responsive to our tamariki, whanau, community and mana whenua. This would mean using the best international research to inform a future focussed pedagogy and curriculum where every child has a personalised pathway and that our kura is ready for the child (not expecting the child to be ready for the school).. a one size fits one mantra!!

We look forward to connecting with you and our community to start designing what the blueprint of Te Manawa ō Pāpāmoa School will look, sound and feel like!!

Ngā manaakitanga


Roxy - our school therapy dog :)

Catherine Humphries - Tumuaki tuarua/ Deputy Principal

Ko Snowdon te maunga

Ko Mersey te awa

No Ingarangi oku tupuna

No Liverpool ahau

Ko John Humphries toku tane

Ko Issy rāua ko Aaron aku tamariki

Ko Cath Humphries toku ingoa

No Pāpāmoa ahau i noho ana

Ko tumuaki tuarua ahau i te kura

Te Manawa ō Pāpāmoa.

Kia ora i te whānau. My name is Cath and I am excited to transition all the littlest members of our community into school! I believe that the start a child has at school sets them up for an exciting journey of lifelong learning so it's important to get it right. Each child arrives at school as a unique person in their own right and as a school we want to nurture their passions and interests and celebrate who they are.

I am passionate that every child experiences success at school and that we work together to ensure that happens, regardless of any barriers. I love being part of the Pāpāmoa community and enjoying all that this beautiful are has to offer our family.

I am really looking forward to meeting all of our new families and the tamariki that will make Te Manawa ō Pāpāmoa a thriving school.

Kris Metcalfe - Tumuaki tuarua/ Deputy Principal

Ko Mauao te maunga

Ko Tauranga te moana

Ko Wairoa te awa

Ko Ahitereiria tōku tūrangawaewae

No Pāpāmoa ahau e noho ana

Ko Michael tōku matua

Ko Bronwyn tōku whaea

Ko Kelly tōku wāhine

Ko Lulah, rāua ko Maya āku tamāhine

Ko Kris Metcalfe tōku ingoa,

He tumuaki tuarua ahau i te kura ko Te Manawa ō Pāpāmoa.

My name is Kris Metcalfe and I am one of the foundation Deputy Principals at Te Manawa ō Pāpāmoa School.

I have been part of primary based education for over twenty years now, having worked both locally within Tauranga and internationally. I am passionate about all things education, and in particular learner agency and weaving the curriculum through an inquiry based approach to teaching and learning. As a leader, I am really interested in the development of a culture and climate that leads to effective and ongoing professional inquiry.

Outside of school I really love all that our local area offers, particularly the beach. Surfing is a passion! Beyond this, I love spending time with the whānau, drinking coffee and attempting to maintain some level of fitness.

I am truly looking forward to being part of the growth and development of the learning culture and community at Te Manawa ō Pāpāmoa.