Manawa ki te Manawa (Heart to Heart hui)

Manawa ki te Manawa

What is Manawa ki te Manawa?

Manawa ki te Manawa (Heart to heart celebration hui) are held three times over the school year. This is a time when all learning partners can connect in a positive way to celebrate the learning that has taken place and set goals for the coming months. Kaimanawa (learners) , Kaiako (teachers) and Whānau (families) all attend together to empower our learners to thrive, supported by everyone involved in their learning journey.

Where are these days held?

We meet at school in your child’s Āko Hapori (learning community). However, there is also the option of connecting remotely via Zoom or Google meet - if you prefer this option, please let the Kaiako (teachers) know and they can send you a link for the time you have chosen.

How do I book a time?

We use the school booking system called School interviews. You can make a booking by going to this link…

You will be able to locate your child's class and choose a time. The times are in 15 - 30min slots to ensure we are able to connect with all families over two afternoons. If you require a remote session, just book your time slot as usual then email your child's teachers to let them know. They will then send you a link to connect at your chosen time. If you have trouble booking, Ange in the office can help you.

What happens during the Manawa ki te Manawa hui?

This is a celebration! We aim to ensure you get a positive update of where your child is at with their learning - academic and social (our school values - Manawatanga - drive the social aspect of learning). One of the kaiako will spend 15 - 30 minutes with you and your child, sharing what we have discovered about their strengths in learning. Then together we can set goals that we can all help your child to reach by the next time we meet - these goals should be SMART… if we all work together your child has the greatest chance of reaching their goals.

What is my child’s role in the celebration?

We would like to give your child the chance to take the lead in sharing their success. This can take place before or after your scheduled 15 minute hui. They will show you learning they are proud of and new things they have learnt - this is not always a finished piece of work or something that is perfectly presented - the best learning takes place in the process and in the ‘failures’ along the way so we want to celebrate the whole journey of learning. It is also a great time for you to ask questions of your child about what they have been doing and what they think they have achieved. We will have questions around the learning environment to help guide you. Please be aware that other families will also be in the room doing the same thing! 

Where else can I find information about the progress my child is making at school?

Hero is our online reporting platform where families can access information about their 

child - this information will be updated termly, prior to Manawa ki te Manawa, for you to see. We will be sharing further details around the information shared and how to access this in Hero, prior to Week 6. Kaiako will also step you through this information during the Manawa ki te Manawa hui.

What do I do if I can't make it on the afternoons offered?

Our aim is to connect with 100% of families as this is such an important part of your child’s learning journey. We understand that it is a very busy time of the year for everyone, and our kaiako will be dedicating these specific days/ times to connect with you all. We ask that you please prioritise these hui to ensure you are able to celebrate your child’s progress/ achievement, unpack goals and have a voice in this process.