Our Learning Communication

At Te Manawa ō Pāpāmoa School, communication is a key part in partnering up with whānau (families), kaimanawa (learners) and kaiako (teachers) to ensure our kaimanawa thrive while they are here.

The three main forms of communication pathways we use are HERO (Student management system), Seesaw (kaimanawa learning portfolio) and Facebook for general celebrations and messaging to the wider community.





Hero (student management system) is our main form of communication from kaiako / kura to whānau and this communication comes through our HERO APP (notification) on your phone and through your email. HERO is set up with all new enrolments when they start their learning journey with us at Te Manawa ō Pāpāmoa.


What is Seesaw?

Many of you may be familiar with Seesaw from your child’s previous school. Seesaw is a learning communication platform that is particularly child friendly. It is used in many kura within Aotearoa and around the world. Seesaw is engaging and provides a powerful learning loop between Kaimanawa, kaiako and whānau.

Why have we chosen to use Seesaw, when we already have Hero?

What is our role as whānau?

What is the difference between Seesaw and Hero?

To ensure we get the most out of Seesaw from a learning perspective, we look forward to sharing more information and support with you throughout the year. Your child’s kaiako is the first and best place to start with any Seesaw related questions.